Before and After

Before and After

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick Day

I ended up leaving work early yesterday.  I had plans to talk to Nick then head to the gym to take a spin class with S.  Well my evening didn't quite work out the way I hoped.  The talk with Nick didn't go good and he got very upset.  So then I left crying and headed to the gym. I got there like 5 mins after the class had already started plus Mike was just finishing up his workout so we ended up just sitting in the car and talking.  I thought I would just go workout after our talk  then realized I had left my ipod at home.  So I just figured I'd go home and take a walk down the road.  

When I got home Nick apologized to me and gave me a big hug so that made me feel better.  I asked him and Marie if they wanted to go down Point Lookout State Park for a walk.  Nick of course said no (getting him to go anywhere is like pulling teeth these days) but Marie said sure so her and I headed out.  We had a wonderful time walking on the rocks, talking, walking and even running :) Her and I seem to be the two that want to go and do while Nick and Mike are more home bodies.  I felt so much better though after going to the park with Marie.  Nick was really nice the rest of the evening too. 

I just felt so emotionally drained though I ended up laying down around 8 for about an hour nap then I ended up till like 1am.  This morning I woke up not feeling the best so just decided to stay home.  Still feeling tired so might just go sleep awhile longer.

Tonight is TOPS and it's Mike's turn to do the program.  Marie will be starting soccer here in a week or so.  We aren't all that thrilled since we think practices will be up the road somewhere and they are going to be on Mon and Wed again which makes it hard with TOPS so then Mike and I have to miss every other week and never get to go together.  But I think it's important for her to play sports so we will figure it out. 

My weight is doing ok this week though the stress has stalled me but I'm hopeful that by Saturday I will at least be a few lbs back down from last week and have that 2 lb gain back off.  I will see where I'm at at TOPS tonight.  I've been keeping my calories below 1600 with or without exercise so that should help. 

Little Mr. Smudges goes and gets fixed tomorrow.  I have to have him there by 8:20 so need to get up early tomorrow since it's about a 20-25 min drive to the vets.  I feel a bit bad for him I know he'll be scared.  Hopefully it will all go well though.  He has to get some baby teeth pulled too.  Guess he'll get to come home tomorrow night but not positive don't remember if they keep them a full day or not.  

I'm feeling somewhat better today about everything with Nick.  I think he feels better too.  Hearing him tell me I give him anxiety and that he feels Mike hates him hurt though.  I know I do give him anxiety at times but I also know and told him as much that I'm way better than I use to be and that I've been working on myself and that he has to work on himself.  I think that hit home with him because he does know I have his best interest at heart and I'm not just trying to make him miserable.  He said he wants nothing to do with the 504 and that he will start eating breakfast before he leaves so today Mike woke him early and he ate.  I hope we can keep up with that because I know him not eating all day is part of the reason he's so tired at school.  

Anyway think I'm off to have a nap.

Till next time... 


F. McButter Pants said...

I got into a huge fight with my daughter last night too. It is very emotionally draining. I just felt exhausted. Hope you get a good nap :)

Anna Marie said...

so sorry to hear all about this.....This age is so hard and difficult, not only for the teen but also the parents.....there is so much pressure these days and it completely surrounds us. Taking some time out is good for you.

Keep your chin and Mike are doing your best....many hugs coming to you.

spunkysuzi said...

Family is not always easy especially when they're certain ages :)
Believe you me I went through that a lot!!
Just want to send you "hugs"

~TMcGee~ said...

Im sorry you are having such an emotionally difficult time with your son :/ I'm experiencing some things myself with my daughter and I understand how mentally and physically draining it is for you. Hang in there and many hugs.

kristi said...

I have a teen...I totally understand!