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Before and After

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Already and Trusting Myself

I'm not liking how blogger is doing things again, not sure why they always need to be changing things up when they worked just fine.  But guess I just have to live with it, it is free after all.

I'm wishing it was still Saturday, feels like the weekend went by way to fast.  Friday I did go for a 5 mile walk after work.  Though my official marathon training isn't to start till end of May I'm spending the next month working on getting my speed up, learning some of the race walking techniques and just getting into a walking 5 days a week routine.  I'm enjoying being back outside again, it just really makes me feel so much better emotionally.

I finished Dave's book yesterday, it was such an easy read and very informative.  Friday I just did 2 of the things he said would benefit me with getting my speed up and boy did it.  He said just bending my arms at a 90-100 degree angle and taking shorter strides would help.  So on my walk I really focused on those two things.  His book has a few pictures of how your stride is suppose to be and I really tried to make myself imitate the pictures.  It was hard and though I'm not sure I was doing it right I could feel myself picking up speed.  On Tuesday I had timed myself and did a 3.4 mph 5 miles but just doing those 2 things from his book my time improved to 3.8 mph for 5 miles.  I just thought "wow" that was a great improvement. 

I must admit different muscles hurt on me and I found the inside of my left knee (my worse knee) hurting more.  I also found it hard and more work keeping my arms bent.  By the end of the 5 miles I was really feeling it in my arms which usually on walks I don't that much.  But from his book he was saying that's because moving your arms bent like that helps with your forward momentum (not sure he said it like that but that's how I took it). 

I am feeling a bit nervous over the marathon time constraint.  I keep wishing I had a marathon with a longer time.  But I keep telling myself that the time constraint will just make it a bigger accomplishment for me.  Mike I can tell is nervous for me too and that come race day though I know I will finish he worries I won't get the metal because I won't have finished in the 7 hours.  But I'm going to keep pushing forward and keep improving my time.  I think the thing I'm most nervous about is when I read on the marathon sight that at the 3 1/2 hour mark if you aren't at the 13 mile mark the "sag wagon" will either try to pick you up or make you move to the sidewalk because they will be opening up the traffic in that area.  I know from doing the half marathon in Baltimore twice that at the halfway mark the half and full marathoners come together for the remainder of the marathon so it shouldn't be to much of a problem for me to walk sidewalks till I hit the 13 mile mark because at 3 1/2 hours if I'm not there I should be darn close.  I'm going to keep thinking positive about it.

I'm really looking forward to Dave's clinic in July.  I really do think it will be the added little thing to help me get my speed up just that little bit more I think I will need to give me more comfort on race day about my time.  By the time the clinic rolls around I will be up to about 14 mile long walks in my training schedule so I think having some more speed knowledge at that point will be very beneficial so that I can head into the 16-20 mile training walks with more knowledge. 

All this stuff has really made me look at myself in a different way, it kind of gave me an ah ha moment the other day.  It made me realize that I totally trust myself with goals I set for myself when it comes to doing something.  I've had plenty of goals in my life and I have reached every one of them.  So it made me really think about why the heck can't I trust myself to maintain my weight?  So from this point on I'm going to do just that.  I have preached forever "anyone can do anything they put their mind too" so of course that also includes maintaining their weight or even losing a few more lbs.  So I'm just going to trust myself to do just what I say I'm going to do and stop my constant self doubt and self sabotage.

Yesterday Mike, Nick and I went out and worked in the yard.  We never did get the shed cleared out but we did get all the leaves up, lots of trees and bushes trimmed and most of my industrial weeds pulled up.  I have to say I'm suffering today though, my poor fingers.  I currently have 3 band-aids on my fingers from where I pulled skin off ,ouch.  Even Nick said those weeds were like barbwire lol.  I am hoping they won't come back like that next year, ekk. 

Marie is off to her girlfriends sleepover.  It's a shame it's raining today because they are going shopping.  I am sure she will still have a good time though. 

As for shopping, I did some yesterday.  I'm not sure when things changed in my head but I've decided this summer I am not going to spend it in 3 quarter sleeves.  I am going to wear short sleeve or sleeveless shirts.  So I bought myself 5 new tops and I actually wore one yesterday out in the yard.  I even talked to the neighbor for a long time and though I was feeling a bit self conscious of my scars I was glad to be getting over that part of things. 

Today I got up and too my first Sunday spin class.  There were only 11 of us in the class (it's usually packed) so I think I might try to do that on Sundays I'm not doing my long walk.  I think it will help give me a switch up from all the walking I'll be doing.  After spin I did 30 mins on the treadmill and kept my speed at 4.0 most of the 30 mins.  It's feeling easier so I'm going to push for 4.2 by the end of next week for my short walks.  Dave's book said to work on speed on your shorter walks not your long ones. 

I know I still have a ways to go in several areas but I really am going to do my best from this point on to trust myself and be apologetically myself (thanks mizfit). 

Till next time...


Jane Cartelli said...

I think yourself needs to be trusted. :-)

My knees will not let me do four for longer than 5 minutes on my machine. Maybe if it were a better machine it would have the stability that would feel bettr for me knees - I don't know, I keep trying.

Kari said...

I'm currently reading "Run Like A Mother" and they have a great chapter in hills. She suggested pushing your elbows back as you work up the hill to go faster. Sounds like the same thing you were doing with your arms. I, too, noticed an increase in speed with great arm movement. Go, Dawn, Go! :)

F. McButter Pants said...

I am glad about the shirt sleeves. I have been letting my"wings" fly free no matter what. It is just too damn hot here in AZ.

I am glad you are feeling better. u do FB?? I want to be your FB friend too :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I've never trusted Blogger not to eat posts. I just work in MS Word and then cut-and-paste into Blogger. Then I've always got a back-up copy.