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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Checking In

Got a comment from Vickie asking how I was so thought I should come post.  I wanted to wait till the results of the online contest were in which happened last night.  I've missed being here blogging but I think I really did need the gym contest and the online one to get me back on track. Even more than that I needed to really work on some self image issues and I think both contests have really helped plus lots of audio books I've been listening too.

So the finale for the gym contest was Saturday.  Yes, I won :) and yes it felt really terrific.  But not because I won but more because of the friends I made during the contest.  We were all so very happy for each other (most of our little group got prizes).  I felt bad for the one girl that was just a few lbs behind me but I did work hard and though I had mixed emotions about wanting to win I was "in it to win it".  Plus $350 isn't anything to sneeze at so that was a nice little boost for me too.  It means I can go buy some smaller clothes to get to the next stage for myself.

Then the online contest, yep I won that too, came in 3rd which meant I got one of the top $500 prizes and I get a hour long coaching chat with Tom Venuto (author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle).  I don't know when that will happen but I have to think up some questions for him about getting to the next stage for myself and maybe he has some good advice for the mind/self image stuff too.  It will just be cool to get to talk to him after so many years of following his program.  

I am back in the 170's (was 176.5 on Saturday for the weigh in) and working to head into the 160's within the next few months. I'm realizing so many things about myself but the big thing is I know I can go further down the scale. I've come to realize in the past few months that the reason I was drifting up the scale instead of down is because I wasn't willing to give up "using food" that my secret relationship with food meant more to me than being the best me I can be.  I also know that I deep down still didn't feel "good enough" and I still placed far to much of my identity on my weight and weight loss.  

I really want to help others from my own experiences.  I want to make people realize that they are capable of anything they put their minds too.  I know that each person has to want it for themselves but I also know maybe something I can say could help make them at least start.  I'm hoping to get a TOPS chapter started at my gym.  My little group of folks from the contest are interested and I think together we could accomplish so much.  I also think getting a chapter started in a gym would be a first for TOPS or at least in the state of Maryland and maybe it could start something big so we can get younger folks into the organization.  That is really what TOPS needs if it wants to survive.  Anyway, I have new ideas and new hopes and goals.

Friday, Kevin turned 21.  Hard to believe that he's that old.  We got to skype with him and his girlfriend and her little girl.  He graduates nuclear school next month and we will be going up there for it.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing them.  He will be going out into the fleet after that. They have decided that his girlfriend and her little girl will move here closer to us so that while he's away she will have family near by since she doesn't have family of her own.  It's possible they may buy a house so they may stay with us for a few weeks (or months) depending how things go.  I think I will enjoy having a little grand daughter :) She's 4 and the cutest little thing.  I think it will enrich all our lives to have them closer by.  

Jane comes to mind when I write this next part as I know she can totally identify and she has always said this is something that is a must for any food addict.  I have decided for the final time that I just can't indulge in sugary things.  I've talked about it here before but during these past 8 weeks I've really come to terms with it.  I've decided for myself that I won't eat anything sugary till my Birthday in June and then just for my Birthday I will allow myself a sweet treat.  Then I will pick another date after then but from this point on it will be only the occasional thing and it will be scheduled down the road and for just a one time thing.  I just know for myself that it's the sugary things that make the scale creep up and also give me the crazy brain. I'm going to see how this goes for me but deep down I know it is what I need to do for me.  

Nick, Marie and Mike are doing fine.  We've had some drama with Nick but we are managing and I know everything will be ok.  It's funny how different children are from each other and how they need different parenting.  I'd like to think we are doing an ok job.

Well that is it from me, I'm hoping I will find more time to come post now and get back to supporting all my friends here, I've missed everyone.  I have read some blogs but have lots of catching up to do.

Till next time...


Carla Birnberg said...

I never intended to eliminate all sugars but fruits---and yet I did.
and Ive never felt better.


Jane Cartelli said...

I am happy you are doing well and making contact. It is always inspiring to learn that someone has turned another good corner and found their way past whatever is holding them back.

I know I may not be the Jane you wrote of, but I was going to publish a post on how the dubious luxury of occasional sugar is the fastest way back into craving and obsessive hell for me. I don't want you or anyone else to think I am commenting on anything you are doing so please, when I do publish it, do not think that at all. We are all different and I only know from my experiences what sugar will do to me. Norma can have an ice cream cone on her birthday and not eat sugar the rest of the year. I have to accept that is not my road to travel. It could well be yours and I certainly hope it is because I do not want you to ever have to feel agony over this disease ever again. You, me, each of us: we are all too precious to be lost.

Jane Cartelli said...

PS: I started writing it in January, after delving into sugar without success and have been editing it ever since.

Lori said...

Bravo Dawn! I hope to get to see you when you come out. We are going on vacation in mid May, so I hope it won't be while you are in the area!

Eesh said...

Kudos to you! That is awesome news!


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I've missed you here. Congrats on winning! WOW!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Huge congratulations!!
Yes I really do think that the only thing that works as far as sugar is abstinence.
Glad to hear that everyone is doing o.k.

Vickie said...

If I am putting the numbers together correctly (between your last two posts), I think you went from 181 lbs to 176.5 lbs in 6 weeks. So just about a pound a week average which is very good and steady.


Glad to hear you are focused on many parts in your life and moving forward positively.

I have to stay away from fat, sugar, salt. If I have one of those, then I crave the other two. It is a continuous loop. I hear what you are saying.

Self protection is always better than self sabotage.

Once we know better, it helps on so many levels if we take the steps to do better. Not taking those steps makes me feel really bad/down/sad. Taking the steps makes a world of difference.

Very glad to hear from you.

Ms. M said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments! :)

ericandrews232 said...

Wow, you've done amazing, you should be so proud :)


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Congrats- that's a great accomplishment! I think you can just remember that in the end, everybody that lost weight was winning, even though it wasn't a monetary prize. Glad you are doing well!

amydavis121 said...

Great post, I really like your point about helping people see that they really can do anything if they put their mind to it :)


mrstickle73 said...

You have to believe to achieve. That is what my sports coach taught me as a teenager. Even though it was many moons ago I still follow that principle today. x


Caitlin Hendee said...

Congrats on making the list! Top 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers of 2013: