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Sunday, November 24, 2013

All I Want For Christmas...

Here I am finally, feels like forever since my last post.  I've been trying to keep up with a lot of you.  It's really helped me with recovery reading your posts and also as much inspirational stuff as I can find.  Staying positive is the biggest thing through my recovery for sure.  

I went to the doctor on November 11th. I guess in my head I hoped I'd be an exceptional healer and things would move alone faster than everyone else with the foot.  But guess I'm just typical :) He told me at least 4 more weeks in the cast.  He also told me to start putting 25% weight on the foot and I started this weekend.  

He gave me a boot for my cast so I put that on yesterday morning and got on my crutches (just using 1 now) and put my foot on the scale to see what 25% felt like.  I realized trying to do a certain amount of weight isn't an easy task but he had told me to go on my pain level.  Surprisingly I've not felt any pain at all in the foot but my ankle is really tender.  I've had some issues with the ankle, think the cast is just very tight in that area.  You don't realize how much you move your ankle either when walking so it's been tough trying to walk with the cast having my foot bent in a certain position.  But I'm still very happy with how it went yesterday for my first day.  

I'm hopeful when I go to the doctors again on Dec 9th he will take off the cast.  He told me to continue gradually adding weight on the foot.  With it in the cast I don't really see being able to put more than 50-75% with the ankle issues but I will do my best.  

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone I've really appreciated you still coming and reading even though I haven't been here much.

Vickie, thanks so much for all your foot advice and telling me about the even up it will definitely be helpful.  It's due to arrive in a few days, I had hoped it would get here before I started walking on the foot but it won't be to long.  

On the home front Mike and the kids have been so good with waiting on me and helping me.  This is definitely teaching me patience but also it's teaching me just how grateful I am for everyone and everything in my life.

We went to see Kevin last weekend.  He ships out on Dec 3rd or 4th but will only be gone about 6 weeks so that's good for the family.

We leave for Thanksgiving Wednesday to go to Kentucky to see Mike's family as usual.  Will be interesting with the broken foot but I'm sure I will manage.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Till next time...


MaryFran said...

Boo to the four more weeks, but it definitely sounds as if you ARE healing!!!

Carla Birnberg said...



Vickie said...

Very glad you wrote.

EvenUp is important to protect knees, hips, lower back, neck. Glad you understood and took action.

Last Friday a friend came to get my boot and my EvenUp, she is getting out of her cast and moving to boot this week. Metatarsal break on same foot I broke.

Kari said...

So glad you are starting to feel better! A cast this time of year is the pits. :( Enjoy your Thanksgiving with Mike's family.

Anna Marie said...

Sorry to hear that you are still in a cast, but hopefully that time will go by fast. Enjoy your time with the family for the holidays. Best wishes to you and your family.

Many hugs

Ron said...

Wishing you a quick recovery