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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Foot Update

Here I am finally, feel like I've neglected my blog these past many months.  Need to try to get here at least weekly.  So an update on the old foot.  It's healing so it's looking like I won't need surgery thank goodness.  I got the cast off on Monday finally after 8 long weeks.  I am now in a walking boot for another 6 weeks but can fully put my weight on the foot now.  I'm not liking the boot much at all, it seems crooked to me and makes me feel so unbalanced and wobbly.  Plus my ankle is hurting me now, Mike tells me to stop complaining lol.  I'm sure with a bit more time I will get use to it but it just makes me nervous.  Like today there was ice all over the porch so I was scared about falling.  My anxiety is back quite a bit lately.

The family is doing fine.  Kevin's wife and daughter will be coming to spend Christmas with us since he shipped out last week.  It will be nice having a little one in the house for Christmas morning, she's 5.  

I of course haven't done hardly any shopping yet which is typical for me so hopefully this weekend we will get a move on.  We don't have the tree up yet either so hope to get that up and decorations around.  I wanted to do it last weekend but no one would get the stuff from the shed for me.  I'm sure if I say I'm going to hobble out there myself this week someone will go get it lol.  

Tomorrow going to a Christmas luncheon for one of my TOPS groups and taking J to a dinner theatre up the road to see Miracle on 34th street for her Birthday so it should be a nice day.  Today was Marie's Christmas program, she always wants us to come then pretends she doesn't really want us there, typical 12 yr old I guess lol.  Friday is Mike's company Christmas party so I have some Christmas stuff going on which is nice.  

Food has been good the past few days but tomorrow will be tough with 2 meals out.  My weight is up after 8 weeks.  Between lack of exercise and far too much eating I feel pretty upset with myself after working so hard this year to get back to my low weight.  I plan on getting back in the gym next week.  I've started working with an online trainer and I'm super excited about it, he's a great guy and I'm feeling motivated again to get moving. Going to focus on upper body though for now.  Don't want to take any chances with the foot.

Vickie, could you email me your email address (bbubblyb@gmail.com).  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to write but didn't know where :) For my surgeries you can look under Jan 2011 (lower body) and July 2011 (upper and lower body).  I did a lot of rambling with both so not sure what you will get from reading them lol.  I sometimes forget all I went through myself.  I hope you are doing better today and you get some rest.  I do remember sleep was a big issue for me through both surgeries.  

Everyone, don't forget to put in for the book giveaway.  Even if you may not want it maybe someone you know might.  


Carla Birnberg said...

checking in on you and REMINDING YOU THAT YOU CAN DO IT TODAY.


Anna Marie said...

So glad to hear that you don’t need surgery. What a relief. As for being unsteady especially with the weather conditions, well I know exactly how you feel plus I don’t even have a boot to be concern with. Just take it slow and be careful.
Ah, how exciting it is to have a little one around for Christmas, it is going to be such fun…enjoy every minute. Also I didn’t realize that Marie is already 12…wow where did that time go.
I hope you are able to get what you have planned this weekend
Many hugs

Lori said...

I am glad you won't be having to have surgery. Ankle/foot injuries just take so long to heal, though.

Vickie said...

I emailed my address to you. I think I have, several times in the past when you have asked, maybe my notes are not making it past your filter.

I went back and read about a year of your archives, from when you started thinking seriously about surgery to your final (as far as I could tell) surgeon appointment. What a time you had.

One thing I wondered was why you ended up with a surgeon that was located so far from you - ?