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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A fly by

Well I really need to get to bed but just felt the need to come and at least post something as I keep promising not to be gone so long.  I'm doing well and feeling much better about everything.  Having peace with food again these days which feels really terrific.  

I had a really really wonderful time with my family.  Seeing my mom and sister was great and then my day with my girlfriend was even better.  Spending time with my niece and grand niece was great too.  I did say all the things I wanted to say to everyone and it just felt so very very good.  I hope that I will get to see everyone more often but no matter when I do now it should be good :)

The kids and I are still volunteering at the cat castle on Saturdays.  I'm still working on Casadia and Nick has found a friend named Charlie, who's a sweet white and orange kitty that arrived 2 weeks ago :) it was too funny, after cleaning on Saturday him and Charlie took a nap on the little kids bed up in the front window, what people must have thought as they passed by lol.  

Kevin is coming to visit this weekend, we haven't seen him since September so will be really nice seeing him and the family.  Haven't seen the little one since New Years either so will be nice to spend some time with her and get to hear "Nanny" all weekend :) 

Work has been a bear, learning the new 3D software has not been easy but I'm making progress and feeling a bit better.  For awhile there I was wishing I could just find something new to do.  Still think about it but for now I'll just stick it out.  After 25 yrs not like I'm going to just up and go anyway lol.  

Mike turned 45 Friday, he's a little younger than me lol.  We just had a nice dinner at home and my co-worker came over and hung out with us.  We played some games and just had a quiet evening at home.  He's back on the weight loss wagon and I'm so happy for him as it seems to make him much happier when he's trying.  

SRD is just 3 weeks away, ekkkk.  I'm doing a workshop and have not finished my presentation yet so I better get a move on.  TOPS tomorrow and I'm hoping for a lose.  For a few weeks there I was self medicating and self punishing and it's such a relief to be back in happy mode.  

Well I really need to get to bed if I plan on making the gym in the morning. 

Till next time...


Anna Marie said...

So happy to read your post. So upbeat, relaxed and just happy. and now with the weather getting nicer, who could ask for anything more. Hope all continues for you and the family

Merry Fellows said...

Glad to see you posting. Life just seems to get crazier doesn't it????

Carla Birnberg said...

love love the CHECK IN FLY BYS!

maxinefowler121 said...

Life gets in the way sometimes, it's happened to us all. But I'm glad to see you posting :)